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Amazing Thailand 2018

Amazing Thailand with unseen local life you must to see.If you come to Thailand many time and you falling in love this country want to know Thais people more THAT! you should to travel with local life style.

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Thailand Happy New Year

In late 2559, Thailand’s various activities celebrations as fireworks celebration or party but there’s one activity that is popular since ancient times is the prayer over the years which annually in various temples in Thailand. Thai’s people are believe beginning do good deed that what you do to yourself and get prosperity of life. The […]

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AYUTTHAYA, THAILAND - JULY 11: Unidentified people on flower boats in floating parade, the unique annual candle festival of Buddhist lent on July 11, 2014 in Ladchado, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Floating Candle Festival

19 July 2016 Floating Candle Festival at Ladchado Pakhai Ayutthaya Thailand  is Thai Buddhist culture celebrating for Load Buddha.The local people put candle on the boat and decorating with flower and flag. After that all boat will take along the canal to temple for give all candle to temple.This only one place in Thailand make […]

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LOEI , Thailand - JULY  2011 : Unidentified men wear ghost costumes at Ghost Festival (Phi Ta Khon - a masked procession celebrated by Buddhist)  on July 02, 2011 in Loei Province, Thailand.

The Ghost Festival at Loei Thailand

6 July – 8 July  2016 The Ghost Festival or Pee Ta Khon at Dansai  Loei Province location northeast of Thailand  is a tradition are famous throughout the world! You will experience the lifestyle and beliefs since ancient times. people wearing masks Ghost Dance gracefully down pattern is unique in parade.This festival is part of the […]

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Diversity of butterfly species,Butterfly eating Salt licks on ground at Pangsida national park Sakaeo,Thailand

Butterfly At Pang Sida Waterfall Thailand

1 May – 31 July 2016 It is considered the first rains of the season for nearly two months and the beauty of the waterfall and Pang Sida National Park  is located in a lush and juicy every season.And if you want to see a flock of butterflies flying in the surrounding. July was also the last […]

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Candle Festival

Candle Festival Parade

Candle ceremony is a traditional Buddhist people of Ubonratchathani with prosperity in Buddhist culture and tradition is along time regard as the greatest merit of Ubonratchathani province 15 month 8 and lunar month or day 8 assanhabucha and Buddhist lent day takes every year and this start 5-20 July 2015 The Candle Festival is well […]

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Environmental conservation activities at Koh Tao,An Official Guinness World Record Attemp

An Official Guinness World Record Attempt :for the longest chain clasping wrists as a symbol of our love,strength and commitment to Koh Tao and the ocean that surround it!!!

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Rocket Festival, Yasothon *** Local Caption *** ประเพณีบุญบั้งไฟ  จังหวัดยโสธร


The Bun Bangfai or Rocket Festival is an ancient important festival, well known in I–San. It takes place annually in the sixth lunar month to worship Phaya Thaen (God of Rain) to give plentiful rain for the coming planting season. Rockets or Bangfais are fired to pay respect and show loyalty to the God for fertility and security. […]

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Events Phuket

Events It’s a party all year, or it can be if you know the places to go! Once you have arrived there will be plenty to keep you busy, but depending on the time of year, here are a few ways you can keep the party going. See the activities, entertainment and trips and you’ll […]

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