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Bangkok Artist’s House

A valuable art gallery that should be visited once in life at The Artist’s House Klong Bang Luang Canal. Klong Bang Luang the first Bangkok city since the Ayutthaya period lasted more than 500 years, which later became the residence of the noble houses of Thonburi and Rattanakosin period. The original artist house is the […]

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Salakeawku the place of faith

Salakeawku is the located at Nongkai it was builded by Boonlear Sureerat or Pu Boonlear (1933-1996) he was developed a legacy of inheritance from parents at Baanchiangkan Muangthadea Vientiane to be a huge shrine but when the crisis in Laos in 1975 he decided move to Nongkai Thailand and incorporated into “Buddhist Association of Nong […]

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Wat Khaek or Indian Temple in Bangkok

February is a mouth of love so today we will recommend one of the places to bless the love in Bangkok. that is place of  the  Umma Devi in Wat Kheak or Indian Temple at Silom road.Here is quite famous for blessing in love. By the way, it is known that the faith and stability […]

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One Day Experience with Local Thai Traditional

Experience the natural atmosphere of the fresh air canal full of lungs on your holiday at Baanrimklong Home Stay. There are also fun activities and learning activities with local people as making a basketry of coconut leaves, making coconut sugar, making Khanomtom (Thai Traditional Desserts) and enjoy to buy local product and souvenir from Baanrimklong […]

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Thailand Sunflower Season

Thailand Sunflower Season is held every year in the winter of Thailand (November – January) in Saraburi, Lop Buri province and along the road will be filled with yellow flowers of sunflowers it is noteworthy for the past. Moreove, this place is tourist attraction every year they  will be organized. Sunflower fields bloom , alternating between districts and […]

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Sattahip, The Seaside Town in The Military Navy Base.

Sattahip municipality Chonburi province located at the Gulf of Thailand surrounding with the navy base co this city called “Naval Town”. There have many beautiful place and private beach for visit and leisure such as: Nangram Beach located in Chuk Samet port, Sattahip Naval Base is beautiful sea fine sand beach, clear sea water There […]

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Visit Thai Traditional Way At “Chachoengsao”

Chachoengsao or Padrew located along Bangpakong River o the western of Thailand 82 kilometer  from Bangkok.The special of this city is the local people still keep traditional Thai way as daily life,Thai food,Thai desert,Thai lifestyle that be lovely place to visit and today we go to Baanmai Market or Talad Baanmai the locacation along Bangpakong River […]

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Banglamphu ‘The Traditional Bangkok Street Food’

Banglumpoo is one of the old town in Bangkok. In the past, this area is called Bang Lamphu because there are many Banglamphu  trees. Today, Banglumpoo district is a commercial center of many kinds of cloth and  famous for traditional desserts and traditional dishes. There are shops located in the old building Banglumpoo and shops […]

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Unseen Nakornpathom

Phra Pathom Chedi is the largest pagoda in Thailand the location at Chedi Muang Nakhon Pathom Nakhon Pathom The temple is a special masterpiece and has a long history in the land of Suvarnabhumi. Especially the enshrined relics of the Lord Buddha. And a symbol of Nakhon Pathom, too. Phra Pathom Chedi is a large […]

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Floating House Restaurant at Udonthani

Phan Reservoir is a large reservoir Beautiful landscape There are freshwater fish, which are abundant in the area Sang Khom district. Parish and neighboring residential living area is 4,300 hectares large natural fresh water resources of the district create. Located in the district, create, clean and Na Chiang Da District. location in the northeast of Udonthani, […]

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